Canon's new digital SLR


We are always a little suspicious when a company makes huge claims for a product – so forgive us for taking Canon’s line that its new EOS 300D is ‘a turning point in the history of photography’ with a pinch of salt.
Still, with Canon on a real roll at the moment in the digital camera market, it seems certain that the new camera is sure to have a great deal going for it.

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The EOS 300D is basically a scaled down version of the EOS 10D, a professional model that has been rapturously received by the photographic community.
Canon has kept the heart of the EOS 10D lost a few of its features and hit a very impressive price tag of around £900.

Its 6.3 mega pixel lens doesn’t break new ground – Sony has already hit eight mega pixels – but the fact that it is
compatible with any of the 60 Canon EF lenses is mighty impressive. It features Canon’s DIGIC processor, extensive exposure control options, a 1.8inch LCD monitor and support for the recently-launched 2Gigabyte CompactFlash storage cards.

Joining it in the stores a month later is the PowerShot A80a four mega pixel, 3x optical zoom model selling for the very competitive £350.

It will be up against Kodak’s DX6490, which for £400 offers four mega pixel images and an incredible (for a budget camera) 10x optical zoom.

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