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We might have given it a rave review last week, but we’ll admit that the Sharp GX20, you know the latest version of the Vodafone Becks camera phone, could face some stiff opposition. Sure none of the line up of camera phones we’ve seen in the last few weeks can match its superb screen, but there are handsets coming soon that could may have the edge on other areas. Here’s a few to keep your eyes out for including new models from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and others

Motorola V600 – Motorola’s best handset for well over the year, the V600 revives the clamshell form factor of the classic V60 yet adds an integrated camera, Bluetooth, video and Java. It is very compact for a camera handset and its black and silver facia with the company’s Batman style logo looks amazing too.

Samsung E700 – A stunning camera phone that certainly has the edge over the GX20 in terms of its design. We especially like its really cool front facia/screen and the way its antenna is incorporated into the handset. The lens is in an unusual place too on the top of the flip up part of the front. It is quite possibly the smallest camera phone on sale too. We reckon it will fly out of the stores.

Panasonic X70 – The successor to the popular GD87, the X70’s trump card is its photo light which improves images taken in poor lighting conditions – although, it obviously doesn’t work as well as a flash. It’s a little on the large side when compared with the Samsung and the Motorola, and we would like to have seen a few new features too.

LG 7100 – One of the most unusual handsets we’ve seen in a while, LG’s debut UK phone sports a screen that swivels round – you can even have the main display at the front of the handset. Bizarrely the camera lens is at the side of the phone too. Yet its major boast is that it is the first handset to feature an integrated flash. A bit off the wall for our tastes but it has the makings of a cult phone.

Orange SPV2 – The third version of the SPV is identical to its predecessor (the E-100) with the exception that the SPV 2 features an integrated camera and has Bluetooth facilities. Definitely a handset on our shopping list.

Nokia 6600 – Top-end smartphone with an unusual design. It is wide to accommodate its large-ish screen, yet extremely thin. Packed with features it includes an integrated camera, video, Bluetooth, full web browsing and a 65K colour screen. It will go head to head both the SPV 2 and Siemens, similarly sized smartphone the SX1. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares.

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