BBC Connected Red Button revealed: New features coming to Virgin TiVo boxes first

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The BBC has launched a new Connected Red Button service. Hitting Virgin Media's TiVo box first, it adds a host of new functionality to the established digital TV feature. First up, the new Connected Red Button will let you…

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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Set-top boxes from Sky, Apple, TVonics and more!

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What good is a brand new TV sitting wrapped underneath your Christmas tree this goodwill season if you've got nothing to watch on it? While plenty of TVs have built in digital tuners, only the most expensive have web connected…

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Virgin Media to bring TiVo back to the UK

Ashley Norris Personal video players 1 Comment

Not a great deal has been offered by Virgin as to how the arrangement will work, however company CEO said "Our fibre-optic network combined with TiVo's capabilities will allow us to offer consumers the most significantly advanced and compelling TV service available in the UK."

In the US TiVo boasts a few features that aren't available in the UK on any DVR, such as the ability to search for shows by actors and the option of accessing music services like Rhapsody though a TV set. It'll be interesting to see how many of them make it to the UK box.

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Warner Bros to set up branded channels with major online video services

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Warner Brothers has announced that it has signed a number of deals with large online video networks to show ad-supported branded channels such as,, plus two new channels showing classic and science fiction programming.

The channels will be available on Joost, TiVo, Sling Media, Daily Motion, and Veoh networks, with WB hoping to attract viewers from the 16-34 age group who are increasingly using mobile and Internet services in preference to traditional TV channels…

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IFA 2007: The future of Philips

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There’s always th chance to see what’s in R&D for the consumer electronics giants at these things, and today at Philips is no difference. They’ve got a couple of interesting products on display, and of course the inevitable 3D screens. Feeling like I’m feeling today, I can’t look at one for longer than about 3 seconds without wanting to curl up in a corner and rock.

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