Scanners and Fax machine sales up 25% in UK due to postal strike

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nec-fax-machine.jpgSome enterprising young PR has sent me a press release proclaiming that PC World and Curry’s have seen a 25% increase in sales of fax machines and scanners since the postal strike began. What, they still sell fax machines?! News to my ears, I thought they were all languishing in museums right about now.

Niall O’Keeffe, Marketing Director for PC World claims “We’ve seen a run on faxes and scanners, customers…

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Opinion: Stamp out striking posties with email

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Jon_small_new.jpgJonathan Weinberg writes…

For those outside the UK, the reason for this rant won’t mean much but the wider implications affect us all wherever we live. We’re currently in the grip of a nationwide wildcat postal strike in Britain and it’s started to get me more steamed up than that kettle you use to open your partner’s letters.

And it got me thinking, what’s the point of post anyway now we have email. I’ve had a pile of stamps sitting on my desk for months.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for workers rights, fair pay for a fair day and all that, and I love my new postie, he’s very friendly and helpful. But the sooner everyone switches over to electronic delivery and snail mail dies off, the better life will be…

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