The Samaritans Radar app is a reminder that we have no control over how our data is used

James O'Malley Facebook, Twitter, Web 2.0, Websites 1 Comment

It has been almost a week since Samaritans launched its "Radar" web app - and almost a week since the backlash began. Astonishingly, the charity is sticking to its guns - and this should remind us that once our data is out there, we can't control what happens with it. On the surface the app…

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How the rich and famous disappear from Google Street View

Stuart O'Connor Google 1 Comment

It seems that UK celebrities are taking the newfound "right to be forgotten" literally. Gizmodo reports ( that mansions owned by former prime minister Tony Blair and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney have started to appear blurred on Google's Street View, where people’s faces and car licence plates are usually covered up. Also looking a…

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