Ion Twin Video Camcorder features two-way/twin lens recording

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Here's a novel new approach to camcorders. The Ion Twin Video features two cameras which record simultaneously in two back-to-back directions, producing a picture-in-picture recording. It looks quite a lot like the Flip, hooking up to a PC via USB,…

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: Barack Obama novelty gadgets

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Come on. How was I going to let today's Top 10 Tuesday pass without theming it President Elect Barack Obama style? Now, I was considering a top 10 ways of how to follow it all but I've a feeling it'd be damn near impossible to avoid it. So, instead I've gone straight to the point and to the most important part of the ceremony, the part where the real difference is made – the merchandising.

Yes, what better way to celebrate the spirit of capitalism in the land of the free than by bringing you the Top 10 Barack Obama Novelty Gadgets…

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Sony debuts wireless DB-BT101 headphones, and MDR-EX36SC two-in-one headphones

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This morning, Sony quietly added the DB-BT101s to its online catalogue. These rather attractive phones are wireless, and connect via Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, so they’ll happily work alongside a bluetooth laptop, PDA, mobile phone or MP3 player.

Those are the all the details we’ve got right now, but they do look lovely, so here’s hoping they’ll get some sort of Western release, along with some tangible specs, in the near future.

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Millions of mobile phone photos going to waste: enter the MAX BOX

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max_box_image.jpgNew research from Felix Group suggests that millions of photos captured using mobile phones are going to waste because people have either forgotten that they’ve taken them, or they get stored away digitally, never to exist in printed form.

They reckon that the average camera phone has 67 images on it, with the most popular types of photo being groups of friends/colleagues on a night out, family pets, family members, holiday snaps, and famous people spotted in public.

Now the company believe they’ve come up with a solution to get those shots out in the open. The MAX BOX.

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