Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing – a potentially lethal fake imported Nintendo DS

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Don’t ruin Christmas by purchasing a cheap fake Nintendo DS off the internet and have it explode and burn down your Christmas tree and, subsequently, the entire house and a bit of the neighbour’s house.

That’s the slightly over-dramatic warning being issued by HMRC today, which says it’s intercepted “hundreds” of fake Nintendo products on their way into the UK, including the old DS and the lovely DS Lite – products that include…

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How to get an iPhone in the UK – THIS WEEKEND!

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iphone-now.jpgYou need one. Even if you don’t particularly want one or like Apple that much, iPhone is the must-have gadget for at least the rest of June. So here’s how to make sure you get an iPhone before the novelty wears off.

iPhone is quad-band GSM so is fully compatible with UK networks. But remember, the iPhone is locked to AT&T in the States…

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