10 great iPhone / iPod dock and speaker systems

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It's party time and you've got an iPod full of tunes but no way of blaring them out to your gang of expectant, drunk friends. The keg's running dry, all the Pringles have been eaten and a riot's about to…

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Review: Klipsch iGroove SXT iPod dock

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Name: iGroove SXT (Klipsch) Type: iPod speaker dock Specs: (Click here for full specs) Price: £129.95 from Klipsch Though they may be best known for their excellent home cinema speaker set-ups, Klipsch also dip their toes now and then…

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The KLIPSCH iGroove SXT – an iPod dock with top-quality sounds for a change

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klipsch-igroove-sxt.jpgOK, it’s time to report on something I’m totally out of my depth on. Sound quality. I can just about tell the difference between stereo and mono if I pay attention and put my ears between the speakers, so can’t really say if “exclusive horn-loaded tweeter technology” is a good thing to have or not.

The iGroove also has “a true two-way, stereo sound system that employs dual long-
throw 6.4cm/2.5in woofers in a ported enclosure” which, again, might be market-leading or…

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