How to dress like Microsoft's Bill Gates for Halloween

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Yesterday’s Steve Jobs costume didn’t float your boat? How about dressing up as his biggest rival, Bill Gates? You’d have women dry-humping your leg all night long if you did, promise. Ok, maybe just me in that case, but I’m sure there are others out there who can’t resist a good Gates lookalike. Right?

Essentially you want to aim on dressing like your Dad at the office, so raid his wardrobe if you can, otherwise get yourself down…

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How To: watch a film (Reservoir Dogs?), TV show (Lost? Heroes?) or music video (Radiohead?) on Joox

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Ever since Stuart wrote about Joox last month, I’ve been jonesing to try the online video-streaming site out for myself, so during my lunch break today I skived and watched half a Lost episode. That’s right, I didn’t have to mess around with paying and downloading via iTunes, or illegally downloading torrents via Bittorrent etc and waiting overnight for one measly 45-minute long episode – nope, I streamed it as I watched it, direct from the website. How did I do this? Read on below the jump for a how-to guide on using Joox, officially labelled My New Favourite Play-Thing On The Internet This Month…

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