GEAR4 launches four new cases for the updated iPod range

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This morning I wrote about GEAR4’s ambition to be first with new iPod cases, and this evening, here are the first four new designs.

JumpSuit Plus for New iPod nano

The new iPod nano gets a JumpSuit, a two-pack of silicon cases with a free sports armband. Featuring super-thin silicon, embossed click wheel controls, full access to all ports, and plastic screen protector, the JumpSuit Plus costs £4.99, and will be available on 12th September.

JumpSuit Shield for iPod nano

This is a silicon case with a hard plastic screen protector, available in black or ice white, and again features a thin silicon casing, a full-body, hard plastic shield, covered click wheel, full access to all ports, and GEAR4 Lanyard included. Cost £14.99 and arriving on 21st September.

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GEAR4 claim they'll be first to market with new iPod accessories, applaud Apple's strategy

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With the advent of new iPods (Classic, widescreen Nano, Touch) comes the opportunity for a whole new range of iPod accessories.

GEAR4 reckon they’ll be the first company to market new cases for the new iPods, with some silicon, hard, and combination cases being available within the week.

What’s interesting is their viewpoint that, not only will Apple continue to dominate the portable media player market, but that “heavy iPod users” need at least two, or possibly three, iPods.

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Proporta aim to protect your BlackBerry 8300 Curve with their cases

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I’m sure the people who buy cases for mobile phones, iPods etc also keep the plastic wrapping on their sofas after bringing them home from IKEA, heaven forbid you scratch the lovely surface of your shiny iPod or BlackBerry.

Having said that, the leather case from Proporta on the left there is rather nice, and smart for businesspeople on the go. It’s custom-made so fits the BlackBerry 8300 Curve perfectly, and is only £26.95. Vegetarians might prefer the non-leather option…

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This week's hottest iPhone stories: YouTube on iPhone, better battery life, Bluetooth headsets, Google applications, Opera Mini browser, iPhone cases

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Apple iPhoneThere’s now less than one week to go until the iPhone launches in the US, and there’s only so much hype that can be reported. Much of the news has been focused on the latest tidbits of information that Apple has chosen to reveal, or has been ‘leaked’ to the press.

The big news, features wise, is that YouTube will be on the iPhone, starting with 10,000 videos converted to the iPhone-friendly H.264 format, and with the entire catalogue converted by the autumn.

Apple has updated its battery life claims – now you’ll get up to 8 hours of talk time. Impressive, if true.

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