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Sometimes good things come in smaller packages, and they don't come much smaller than Verbatim's latest USB flash drive, the Store 'n' Go Netbook. No bigger than a 1 Euro coin, it still manages to squeeze in 32GB worth of storage space.

In terms of measurements, the whole thing is only 17.15mm long x 14.85mm wide x 7.7mm in size, small enough to be left in a netbook more-or-less permanently. Though it's got "netbook" in its name, don't be fooled into thinking this drive is exclusive to those machines; you'll be able to plug this drive into any PC or Mac.

As well as the 32GB model, there are also 16GB and 8GB models up for grabs. Full pricing has yet to be announced, but you can pick up the 8GB model for £14.99.

transformers star trek usb.jpgSummer blockbusters Star Trek and Transformers Revenge of The Fallen are headed to in the shape of two limited edition USB sticks.

The 4GB USB sticks are moulded into the Star Trek and Autobot insignias, with each containing a copy of the respective films which can be registered to up to 5 devices. They will also include the option to burn a copy of the film to DVD.

There are only 20,000 of the limited edition USB stick available. Each are numbered to boost their collectable value.

Priced £19.99 each, you can grab the Star Trek stick here from right now. The Transformers stick will be available also from from Monday 30th November.

Flashsticks.jpgUSB sticks made out of wood aren't anything new but I don't remember seeing any looking so much like genuine pieces of tree as Flashsticks.

What you're getting here is a 2GB bespoke USB memory device hewn from fallen Berkshire woodland trees and treated with beeswax. You can even chose the wood from which they're made. Sounds nice, eh? Well, it looks nice too, if ever so slightly silly sticking out of your laptop. They cost £17.50 - postage and small sense of eco-smugness included.

YuuWaa-Go.jpgB2B tech company Gemalto has launched their first consumer focused product today aimed at giving users a whole bunch or storage they never had before.

The YuuWaa - which stands for Your Unlimited Way Anytime Anywhere plus an extra U - is a cloud/flash drive storage system combo which offers a total of either 12GB, 22GB or 48GB of space depending on which package you go for.

The base system is the YuuWaa Go (pictured) which costs you £19.99. You get a 4GB stick which contains some plug and play software that takes you to their cloud online storage facility for your extra 8GB. You drag and drop files from your PC and from the flash drive, and back and forth in straight forward fashion. You can even store contacts on the web service, so you can drag files you want to send on from there too.

The milk from LaCie's design cash cow is still full and creamy with the release of the £9.90 DataShare flash memory device by 5.5 designers.


It's a rather pretty, simple and elegant solution to the card reader problem and neat way to store your SDs and their micro cousins at the same time. They transfer at USB 2.0's 480Mbps and probably last you somewhere in the region of 10,000 insertions. They'll be available at the LaCie online store just as soon as they pull their fingers out.

There are times when I look at a product and can't figure out for the life of me why I want to write about it. The 3-in1 USB washing machine is such a product.

Let's get this straight from the start. It's not a washing machine. It will not actually wash your clothes. It is instead a USB hub and card reader that looks like a very small one but, but, damn it, it's just cute.

Look! The drum is a little clock! See, see! Look, there it is at a jaunty angle with an SD card sticking out the top while plugged into a laptop.


I think I'm getting broody or something. Sorry, I'll leave it there. If you're feeling bit funny you can pick one up for $13.99.

(via Geek Alerts)

USB-key.jpgThese are keys. Except they're not keys; except they are. And yet not.

What I can tell you with 100% certainty is that they're made by LaCie. Well, sort of. They're manufactured by them but designed by the award winning 5.5 Designers. That's close enough for me.

What you're looking at is three items shaped like keys. Now, of course they're not keys, they're USB sticks but LaCie calls USB sticks USB keys, so, apparently they are keys. But then, I've never called a USB stick a key, so, as far as I'm concerned, they're not really keys. That's what all that stuff at the beginning was about. Clear as mud? Good, I'll press on.

usb-postit-note-dispenser.jpgJust when you think you've seen every kind of USB memory stick in the world, another one comes along. This one dispenses post-it notes. Very handy, if you use post-it notes, which unfortunately I don't.

It's got two gigabytes of memory built in, with an unspecified number of post-it notes. Not sure how easy they'd be to 'refill' either, though I suppose you could just chop a normal pad into strips and stick the bottom one on with glue. Of course it suffers from the same problem as every other USB stick - if you knock it by accident, then you've got a very good chance of damaging the port or the stick.

Darumouse (via Akihabaranews)

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leyio.jpgThe Leyio Personal Sharing Device, or PSD as they're calling it, is an interesting proposition. At its heart, it's just a 16GB flash drive, but it comes with added security and sharing functionality. It utilizes UWB (Ultra-wideband) radio technology, normally used in tracking and radar, to transfer data between itself and other Leyio PSDs.

UWB operates at low energy levels, so it's less subject to interference, but it's short range. It enables fast transfers though - Leyio claim a 3MB photo can be exchanged in 0.3 seconds. My A-level maths suggests that that's a 10MB/s transfer rate. Not too shabby.

flash-drive-armband.jpgAlthough having a USB drive around is very handy, they're a bit annoying to carry if you don't have a bag. If you wear them on a lanyard, you look like you've just stepped out of a computer scientist's convention, and they're a bit too bulky to carry on a keychain.

The wristband pictured above, sold by tinyliving, remedies the problem somewhat, providing 512MB of storage wrapped around your wrist. It's still not the coolest-looking bit of kit in the world though, giving me flashbacks to 2005's Make Poverty Fashionable History campaign. Still, if you want one they're just $30 (£21) so we're not exactly talking a massive outlay for this addition to your wardrobe.

Flash Drive Band (via LikeCool)

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swiss-army-presentation-pro.jpgMany of the companies exhibiting at CES have been going for years, but one company is making its first trip - Switzerland's Victorinox. The makers of the original Swiss Army Knife are exhibiting this - the "Presentation Pro", which comes with a flip-out 32GB USB drive.

Your data will be protected by a fingerprint scanner, and there's a laser pointer and bluetooth remote, as well as the standard knife, scissors and nail file. It'll be shipping in May in the US, and it'll cost $330 (£216). Just don't take it on business trips abroad.

Victorinox (via Engadget)

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sd-xc-card.jpgThe SD association has announced a new top-end to the capacities of its eponymous flash memory cards. The new spec is called "SDXC" - short for "eXtended Capacity", and it'll hold up to 2TB of data, with transfer speeds rocketing up to 104MB/s. In contrast, the previous maximums were 32GB and 10MB/s.

This is just a specification - there's no products yet - and support for the format will have to make its way into devices before it'll be much use selling the cards. However, I think it's fairly safe to say that we'll be seeing these on shelves in a year or so.

(via Gizmodo)

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sandisk-backup-flash-drive.jpgNow that flash memory has got to a price competitive with mechanical storage, we're starting to see it crop up in all sorts of places. One of those places is backup, where the speed of the memory presents a clear advantage over a traditional disk drive.

With that in mind, Sandisk has brought out a new backup-focused USB drive, which is the first in the world to work its magic with just a button press - no software installation needed. The capacities aren't huge yet - the biggest is 64GB - but that should cover the contents of 'My Documents' for the vast majority of consumers.

The SanDisk Ultra Backup will go on sale in April, and cost between $40 (£28) and $200 (£137) depending on the size you plump for. How big is your "My Documents" folder? How about when you don't include the porn? Let us know in the comments.

Sandisk Press Release

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lenovo-thinkpad-128-bit-secure-hdd.jpgWe're sure there are plenty of uses for external hard drives other than using them as hiding places for pornography. Like, er, as a back up for treasured family photos. 320GB of treasured family photographs.

If you have need for a large chunk of external memory and need it safely locked away behind a 128-bit encrypted virtual wall (then hidden in the loft or underneath a floorboard until you've got the house to yourself), Lenovo has it covered with its ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive - complete with onboard keypad for passcode-protecting your 'family photographs'.

We're sure that Lenovo is pitching this USB-powered HD more at paranoid, tin-foil-hat-wearing, data-loss-worriers than pornography connoisseurs, mind, so don't expect it to measure disc capacity in how many Vivid Video rips can be stored on it.

It's for 'personal documents'. And 'family photos'. It comes in 160GB for small families and 320GB for families with two or more children.

(Via OhGizmo)

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usb-3-spec-cables-adaptor.jpgIf you're constantly shuffling vast Blu-ray rips from device to device and sighing while your PC locks up for 27 minutes, rejoice! USB 3.0 is coming to make all your data-copying woes disappear.

The shadowy USB consortium, which meets in Vienna once every 1000 years, has confirmed the spec of USB 3.0, proudly telling everyone that a 25GB file will copy from a PC to a 3.0 device in 70 seconds. Which means your standard 4.5GB stolen HD movie would pop onto a memory key in 14 seconds. Plus it carries more power down the cables, allowing for quicker charging of gadgets and even better USB Cup Warmers.

You could back up an entire hard drive in the time it takes the kettle to boil and the toast to toast. If you're incredibly serious about and interested in data transfer speeds, the full PDF factsheet is available for analysis here, while the USB illumiati expects 3.0-equipped PCs and gadgets to become the norm from the end of 2009.

(Via The USB Cartel)

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If I learnt anything from the second series of Heroes, it's that people who turn stuff into gold tend to end up in an early grave. A cautionary tale for Super Talent, who make USB drives out of 18 carat solid gold. The Pico-C USB drive. Oh, they cost US$599, by the way. What do you get for that cash? 8GB of storage, 30MB/s transfer speeds (gold's a very good conductor) and water resistance, in case you drop it in your $300 glass of champagne.

The company will also etch anything you like onto it for no extra cost, like a pretty zebra, your primary school nickname (big ears), or maybe even your company's logo. The whole thing arrives in a black velvet jewelery box with a certificate of authenticity and a gold keychain. I'll say again - US$599. That's £380. Yowch. Grab one on eBay and spraypaint it gold instead.

Super Talent (via ShinyShiny)

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pny-mobility-pack.jpgOver the past few years, there's been a vast army of competing memory card formats, fuelling an army of card-reader devices that let you use the most popular formats. Luckily the industry seems to be settling on SD cards as a universal format, but the choice still remains between SD, MiniSD, and the tiny MicroSD. Reports that the NanoSD, FemtoSD and YoctoSD cards are forthcoming are all false.

It's nice then, that PNY realises what a headache all these different formats are for the consumer, and they've launched a 'mobility pack' to simplify matters. It includes a 1, 2 or 4GB microSD card, an adaptor to plug that card into a miniSD or SD card slot, and, best of all, a USB adaptor on a keychain, so that you can use the microSD card just like it's a USB stick.

The mobility pack is available now from Currys and PC World, as well as their online stores, though I'll confess that on a quick search of the sites I couldn't find it yet. Prices on Google product search range from £8 or so for the 1GB model, to £18 for the 4GB model. Expect that to increase in the actual high street shops.

PNY Mobility Packs

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tdk_trans-it_usb_drive.jpgUSB Flash drives are fairly yawn-inducing, granted, but they're pretty much the de facto standard for porting data around these days.

With security high on the agenda (if only because so many people seem to be losing large amounts of confidential data), Imation has launched its latest TDK-branded USB drives with built-in TRANS-IT security.

SanDisk-16GB-microsd.jpgWell looky what we got here. Thanks to the keen eyes of Mr Leon Rawlins we've got a little good news for those of the feeling that you just can't cram enough data on your mobile phone, which is pretty much all of us as it goes.

SanDisk has extended the range of their microSDHC memory cards to give us a full 16GB of storage on our nice new smartphones. What with applications about to fall from the sky with the opening of the Android App Market, we're going to need all the space we can get.

bullet-flash dirve.jpg
This is an ordinary USB flash drive. It has 1GB storage. It is USB 2.0 compatible. You write and re-write it, but I want it. Why? Because it's shaped like a bullet. Yes, I too am male. I too am an absolute sucker for anything that makes me look cool and for some reason there's a gene in all us males that codes for "death = cool".

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