Which UK mobile network has the best value data contract?

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When it comes to figuring out the best mobile contract for your mobile, the networks don't make it easy. There's a myriad of different options, and there's no easy way to offset minutes, with text messages, with data - let alone taking into consideration the various freebies that get thrown in. But let's face it:…

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New app will track how much of your life you’re wasting on your phone

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Do you ever worry that you're spending too much time on Facebook? Hey, I ASKED YOU SOMETHING! You'd have heard me if you were paying attention. I said, do you ever worry that you're spending too much time on Facebook? How many social occasions have you missed because your nose was in your phone? How…

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The Digest: Console sales rise… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Console sales up dramatically in 2014 as Xbox One finishes strongly | Engadget "Console fanboys, get ready to gloat - or mope. Actually, (nearly) everybody can be cheered by the latest data from NPD, which showed console sales up a cool 20 percent from last year to to over $5 billion. Leading the…

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Why would Samsung want to buy Blackberry for $7.5bn?

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There's a rumour doing the rounds today about how Samsung has apparently approached Blackberry about buying the firm for around $7.5bn. Since the rumour emerged, and the Blackberry stock price shot up, Blackberry has since denied that talks have taken place. Though that said - it does raise what would certainly be an interesting development…

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