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breaking-bad-complete.jpgCurrently biting your nails through the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad? Once the drug-cooking saga all comes to its inevitably horrible end, you'll be able to relive it all in its entirety on Blu-ray, as Sony Pictures have just announced the Breaking Bad: The Complete Series boxset.

And it's a really sweet little set! All contained within a replica methylamine barrel, it's a 16-disc set containing all 62 episodes of the show and 55 hours worth of special features. Each will also be available as an UltraViolet digital download as part of the purchase too.

Other goodies contained in the boxset include a Los Pollos Hermanos apron and a collectible booklet with a letter from show creator Vince Gilligan, as well as a commemorative Breaking Bad challenge coin designed and created by Gilligan exclusively for the boxset set.

Special features include extensive interviews with cast and crew, a documentary exclusive to the boxset and a clip showing the cast doing the first emotional read-through of the final episode of the super-popular show.

Find it in stores from November 25. You're looking at £110 for the boxset, according to this Amazon listing.

blu-ray-logo-thumb.jpgSony have confirmed that they will be releasing a special range of Blu-ray discs that have been remastered to take advantage of new 4K screen technology.

Speaking to Pocket-Lint, Sony explained that the "Optimized for 4K Ultra HD TVs" Blu-ray discs aren't actually running at a native 4K resolution, but are intended as a stop-gap measure until disc capacity catches up with 4K movie's average 200GB needs.

What the new range actually offers then is video mastered from the 4K footage directly captured from 35mm film, offering enhanced colour information for the company's own 4K TV range, making red, blues and greens seem even more vibrant. Owners of LG and Samsung 4K TVs should also notice benefits.

15 films will be mastered in the new format, including Total Recall, Ghostbusters, Karate Kid, Taxi Driver, and The Other Guys, with the releases compatible with all current Blu-ray hardware, including the PS3.

Some concessions have been made to accommodate the new higher bit-rate movies however, with all special features cut from the discs.

Confirmed to be headed to the UK before the end of the year, no firm release date has yet been set.

3d-blu-ray-xmas-banner.jpgGot the 3D TV? Got the 3D Blu-ray player or PS3 games console? Then you'll be after a handful of 3D Blu-ray movies this Christmas. It's been a bumper year for 3D Blu-ray releases, following on from a strong Christmas 2011 cinema schedule and an equally action-packed summer this year.

Here we pick 10 of the best 3D Blu-ray movies of 2012, perfect for a lazy Christmas evening in.

Scroll down to check them out.

Google TV hits UK with Sony

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NSZ-GS7_B_EA_ST-1200.jpgGoogle and Sony have taken the build up to the annual I/O conference to reveal the NSZ-GS7 Internet Player and the NSZ-GP9 Internet Blu-ray player, each having the second generation of Google TV inside.

With a completely overhauled interface, Google TV integrates with your existing TV, laying apps, a modified Chrome browser and a lean-back YouTube player over your regular live TV broadcasts.

Both units come with a re-worked remote control too that features a QWERTY keypad on the rear and multi-touch touchpad on the front.

"Expanding the reach and interoperability of the powerful Android platform with Sony's smartphones, tablets and renowned Audio & Video products, we are proud to continue our relationship with Google through the introduction of the new Google TV Internet Player," said Gildas Pelliet, Sony's European Head of Marketing.

"Entertainment content is available through so many channels and sites, and Google TV helps consumers easily find what they want to watch, listen or play with the freedom of the internet and using the familiar Chrome browser."

Landing in July, it's the first time Google TV has been available in the UK, with the set-top box priced at £200, with pre-orders opening now. The Blu-ray player follows later in the year, priced at £300.

NetflixLogo.jpgThe Netflix app is to be rolled out to all 2012 BRAVIA, Blu-ray and Blu-ray Home Theatre models featuring the Sony Entertainment Network.

Netflix will sit alongside other popular third party services on the Sony Entertainment Network including YouTube and BBC News, as well as Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited.

"We're very excited about the addition of Netflix to our SEN portfolio" said Edd Uzzell, Sony category development manager.

"All of our consumer products - whether that is a BRAVIA, VAIO, Tablet or Xperia - are designed to provide the best quality content possible, and having great content providers offers consumers greater choice for their home cinema experience."

"Adding Netflix to the Sony Entertainment Network, gives consumers an even broader choice of devices to instantly watch unlimited TV programmes and films streamed over the Internet," said Greg Peters, vice president of product development at Netflix.

"We're always looking to provide people with new ways to enjoy Netflix."

For more details please visit or


Star Wars releases are like buses; you wait twenty-odd years for a sequel, then a trilogy comes along. Likewise, we waited years for a Blu-ray release up until last Christmas, and now just a few short months later we're getting a re-release in 3D.

According to Pocket Lint, George Lucas, in partnership with Panasonic, is looking to capitalise on the recent success of the Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace 3D re-release by offering up 3D Blu-rays of the film by the Spring.

Even by industry standards, let alone Lucas's own snail-paced releases, that's a super-fast turnaround from cinema screens to the living room. But considering The Phantom Menace has been available multiple times, most recently at Christmas, and with Blu-ray arguably a struggling format in the face of streaming technologies, it's hardly a surprising move.

With Lucas looking to release a 3D version of each of the Star Wars films every year, it'll likely take 5 years until we have the complete original, superior trilogy in 3D in our homes however.

christmas-guide-banner-2011.jpgIt's that time of the year again folks; the central heating is on, jackets are tightly buttoned and we're all tentatively trying to hide the fact that we're wearing granddad's long-johns underneath our jeans.

Okay, so maybe that last one is just me, but one thing's for certain; Christmas is just around the corner and it's time to start sketching out those wishlists for Father Christmas.

To help make your Christmas gift buying and choosing decisions that little bit easier this year, Tech Digest are putting together a ton of gadget, gaming and geek related guides to the best tech presents available this year.

From Blu-ray boxsets to compact cameras, 3D TVs to smartphones, geek chic to the best gear to kit out your man cave with, you'll be sure to find something for even the most discerning tech fan here.

We'll be updating this post pretty much on a daily basis from today right through December, so be sure to bookmark the page and check back every day to see what new goodies we think should be on top of your Christmas list this year. Scroll down to get started!

Best Blu-ray movie boxsets

Take a little bit of cinema magic home with our guide to the best movie boxsets available in the high-definition Blu-ray format. From Star Wars to Toy Story, you'll be gawping at gorgeous movies all winter long with this set.

Best DVD TV boxsets

Settle down this Christmas with a marathon session of your favourite TV shows. We've pulled together ten must see shows in this guide, guaranteed to entertain long after the mince pies have run out.

Best Gaming Chairs

What's Skyrim or Modern Warfare 3 without a comfy chair to play them in? Packed with speakers, rumble packs and butt-caressing cushioning, these gaming chairs will see you sitting merrily right up until the very last boss.

Kitting out the ultimate "Man Cave"

Need to getaway from the festive madness? Kit your spare room out with some of this great geek gear to create the ultimate "Man Cave".

Geek Chic Apparel

Unleash your inner nerd with this collection of nifty t-shirts, bags and accessories in Tech Digest's buying guide to geek chic apparel.

Stupidly Expensive Gifts For The Man That Has It All

What do you buy the man that has everything? His own personal, man-made customised island, a jetpack and Marty McFly's very own motor, that's what! All these gifts and more can be found in this guide, provided you've got a wallet big enough to handle them...

Top Online Digital Services - Spotify, Lovefilm, Dropbox and more!

Who said a Christmas present had to be something you can hold in your hands? Subscriptions to or vouchers for these excellent online digital services are superb, thoughtful gifts too.

Set-top boxes from Sky, Apple, TVonics and more!

Get the most from your new flatscreen TV with these top-notch set-top boxes. From comprehensive televisual nirvana from Sky to Apple's on-take on pay-per-view TV, there's plenty to chose from here.

Top 50 iPad Gaming Apps

You've got Apple's iPad tablet, but what games should you be playing on it? Let Tech Digest guide you through our tips as to the 50 best games on the Cupertino slate.

Best Games Consoles! Xbox 360! PS3! 3DS!

Have yourself a frag-filled Christmas by picking up a top games console. We run down all the usual suspects (PS3, Wii and Xbox 360) and throw some wildcards in for good measure too.

Best Xbox 360 games of 2011

After one of the busiest years in recent gaming history, it can be hard pressed to remember all the great titles that made their way onto the Xbox 360 this year. Tech Digest here guide you through ten of the best to hit Microsoft's console over the past twelve months, each a perfect present for a gaming loved-one.

Best PS3 games of 2011

Despite the PlayStation Network outage hiccup earlier in the year, the PlayStation 3 celebrated one of it's greatest 12 months of pure gaming action, with dozens of great first party titles hitting the console, not to mention stellar multi-platform efforts too. From early winners like LittleBigPlanet 2 through to recent greats like Uncharted 3, it was a great year to be a PS3 owner.

Best Nintendo 3DS games of 2011

Want the very best gaming action in your back pocket? Check out our run down of the best Nintendo 3DS games to hit the console since launch for a slice of Zelda, Mario and Star Fox shaped fun.

Speakers, Docks and Hi-Fi systems

Blast out "A Christmas Gift For You from Phil Spector" in style this holiday season with any one of these ten superb speaker set-ups.

Retro presents

Re-live your childhood with these excellent retro gifts. Our top tips for an old-skool Christmas include everything from Plasma Balls to Space Hoppers.

Stocking fillers for under £10

If you're planning on being a tight-fisted Scrooge this Christmas, check out our guide to cheap-and-cheerful stocking fillers that will give you change back from a tenner.

Best earphones and headphones

"Wow, listen to these crazy new croon-crunk, teen wave sounds! Rad! Dope! Awesome!" That's what your little ones will be saying if they pop a pair of Tech Digest's favourite ear-pieces on this Christmas.

tesco logo.gifTesco are launching a new home entertainment venture today that will see the company offering a digital copy of a movie alongside select DVD and Blu-ray purchases.

Claiming it's a "first for the industry" (though we're sure UltraViolet would have something to say about that) and a "ground breaking innovation", the move sees Tesco partnering with Blinkbox (whom the supermarket giants hold a majority share in).

Customers will be able to stream the copies to multiple devices including PC, Mac, PS3, LG and Samsung Smart TVs, with the Blinkbox service soon hitting the Xbox 360 and iPad too.

The system works by linking a Tesco Clubcard to DVD and Blu-ray purchases. Linking a Tesco Clubcard with a Blinkbox account means that a custmore only has to scan their card at check-out to find the digital copy waiting in their Blinkbox library when they get home.

Richard Brasher, CEO of Tesco UK said: "Customers know that Tesco is a great retailer for new technology. This innovation with Blinkbox will help start a digital revolution, combining the physical with the digital for the first time."

Michael Comish, CEO, blinkbox added: "To be able to bring this truly ground breaking service to consumers is very exciting for blinkbox. Our customers already know that we are the number one choice for the latest new movie titles the day they released on DVD, so working with Tesco to give them access to both a physical and a digital version allows them choice and the best of both worlds."

Among the first titles set to hit the service are The Hangover Part 2, Cars 2, The Lion King, The Smurfs, Final Destination 5, Jeremy Clarkson: Powered Up, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon and Conan the Barbarian, with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 kicking off proceedings on December 2nd.

Amazon Black Friday deals now live in the UK

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It may be a relatively clear, demon-free Monday morning, but that hasn't stopped Amazon setting free their annual Black Friday deals.

Traditonally a US Thanksgiving tradition, the deals see Amazon cutting the price on plenty of stock for a limited time in the run up to Friday 25th November.

Plenty of goodies on offer, from cut-price Inception and Jurassice Park Blu-ray boxsets to £350 off Full HD internet plasma TVs and cheap-as-chips Lego.

"Customers will have a chance to get some of this year's most wished-for Christmas presents from electronic items to favourite box sets and must-have toys," said Christopher North, MD at Amazon.

"Great bargains were flying off Amazon's virtual shelves last year as customers were quick to click to get a deal before the offer expired.

"Doubling the deals for 2011 will mean tens of thousands of additional items are available. The high discounts on offer mean that many items may go quickly, so customers are advised to check back regularly in order to snap up a bargain before the end of Black Friday."

To check out the deals, click here.

£40 Blu-ray player from ASDA is UK's cheapest


asda-blu-ray.jpgSupermarket giants ASDA are launching a cheap-as-chips, entry level Blu-ray player. For £40 you can now pick up the ONN DS-BD52. Now that's ASDA price.

It's a pretty basic player of course; one HDMI output port is set alongside composite video, digital coaxial audio, Ethernet port and a USB 2.0 socket, which is used for firmware updates, not media playback.

Playing Blu-ray discs and DVDs, the deck can also show WMAs and JPEGs when stored on DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW discs.

ASDA also feel that the Blu-ray format is finally "about to fulfil its potential", with Blu-ray players set to outsell DVD decks for the first time this Christmas. In no small part thanks, you'd assume, to the cut price ONN DS-BD52.

As far as we can tell, it's the cheapest brand-new player on the UK market. Pick it up by clicking here.

If you do pick one up, be sure to check out our guide to this year's best Blu-ray boxsets too.


Top of your Christmas list may be a shiny new flatscreen HDTV, PlayStation 3 or laptop, but if you're really going to get the most out of your new toys you're going to have to get some high-definition content to display on them. It's taken a while to pick up in popularity, but Blu-ray is finally the flourishing HD format it always promised to be.

Here, Tech Digest pick the top Blu-ray movie boxset collections you should be hoping to find under your Christmas tree this year.

When you're done here, be sure to check out the rest of Tech Digest's 2011 Christmas wishlists too.


As of today Sony are offering music videos directly through your Sony Home Entertainment products. Sony have teamed up with MUZU.TV one of the leading music video sites, set up in 2008, to bring the latest and greatest music videos to your front room directly through the Sony Entertainment Network.

The service will run through BRAVIA TVs, Blu-Ray Players, Home Cinema devices and Network Media Players. MUZU has a huge range of music video from every corner of the music world ranging from head banging metal to smooth jazz in a collection of over 80,000 videos.

The free service features chart videos as well as some from a wide variety of independent artists and record labels, live performances and all the latest news and interviews from the world of music.

Edd Uzzell, Category Development Manager, for Sony Europe stated that:

"As one of the largest digital entertainment services, Sony Entertainment Network aims to bring new ways for consumers to enjoy music, movies, games and more. By continuing to add new and exciting partners such as MUZU.TV, we feel we are perfectly complimenting the existing music services we prove, giving our customers a wealth of choice for enjoying music content whenever they want it."

A great addition to the vast array of services already offered by Sony, a free music video channel will save you all the time and hassle of flicking between music television channels where you are forced to watch whatever they think you should watch. Browsing on MUZU.TV it is a really well presented website with plenty of content and features to keep your ears, and now eyes, full of music for the foreseeable future.

tatooine-discovered-20110915011955781-000.jpgStar Wars has become such an indelible part of popular culture that it's hard to imagine how bat-shit crazy some of George Lucas's ideas were when the movies were first released a long time ago in a galaxy actually. I mean, Jawas? The force?? A PLANET WITH TWO SUNS????

Well, about that last one. Apparently Lucas was on to something when he dreamed up the planet Tatooine, Luke Skywalker's home world that orbited two separate suns. NASA scientists have discovered a planet that does indeed have two different stars for neighbours, and showing their geek credentials, have been referring to it as Tatooine.


Keplar 16b, to give the planet its official name, has both an orange sun and a red sun, and is thought to be a mostly gaseous planet the size of Saturn about 200 light years away in the Cygnus constellation.

A great holiday destination for those looking to enjoy the thrills of podracing or to pick up a cheap R2 droid then. Just avoid the cantinas in the Mos Eisley district. "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" according to locals in the know.

In other news, the Star Wars movies landed in high-def Blu-ray format this week. Grab all six movies from Amazon for £60.

C-3PO sees the Dark Side in 3DTV


The Force is not strong with 3DTVs. That's according to Anthony Daniels, the actor who sits inside the shiny gold C-3PO costume in the Star Wars movies.

Speaking at the press conference which revealed that Panasonic would be exclusively bundling the Star Wars Blu-ray editions in with their home cinema kit, Daniels revealed he is not a fan of the new silver-screen craze.

"I slightly have a problem with sitting in my own sitting room and being surprised by things coming into the room. I don't expect things to come out my television!" said the man behind the droid.

"I'm quite happy, in a luddite kind of way, to see things on a [normal] screen."

That's not to say Daniels is against the use of 3D in its entirity:

"One of the projects I have just been involved in is Star Tours. That is in a 60 seat flight simulator where people go on a voyage around the planet and everyone wears 3D glasses.

"The effects are stunning and relevant and real - because you're apparently looking through a view port."

That's a more forgiving outlook on 3D than Star Wars' stunt co-ordinator Nick Gillard has.

"I hate 3D!" he said. "I saw Avatar on non-3D and I thought it was pretty average."

In the UK, Panasonic will be bundling the original Star Wars Trilogy Blu-ray boxset with their BDT110, 210, 310 and PWT500 Blu-ray players, the BWT700 and BWT800 recorders and BTT270, BTT262, BTT370, BTT362, BTT775 and BFT800 Blu-ray home theater systems between the 12th of August to the 31st of December.

Via: Tech Radar

sonydadcfire2.jpgThe destruction of private property during last night's third bout of rioting in London has forced many businesses to close today, but an unlikely victim could an arm of Sony's distribution division.

The Sony DADC (Digital Audio Disc Corporation) plant in Enfield was struck by looters last night, who were thought to have made off with thousands of pounds worth of equipment and games, CDs and movies before the site was set on fire.

This could have far-reaching consequences for consumers across Europe, as the plant is a key games pressing and packaging factory and a major link in the chain of Sony's DVD, CD and PS3 European games distribution process. There's a very real possibility that releases will be delayed as a result, or that supplies of certain titles may be very low due to the damage casued to the facility.

"There will likely be some impact on deliveries," said Yoko Yasukochi, a spokeswoman at for Japanese electronics and entertainment giant in Tokyo.

"We cannot determine the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage yet because it's not possible to enter the building,"

The Sony DADC plant is also where some PC games get pressed, as well as a manufacturing point for Blu-Ray and UMD. The site also doubles up as a high-tech research lab, with leading work on optical technology being conducted there.

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away (Skywalker Ranch, to be precise) the near-mythic Star Wars Blu-rays are having the finishing touches applied before they hit stores on 12th September.

Those who have the patience of a wookie however will be able to get a sneak peek at the 40+ hours of bonus features set to ship with the boxset through new iPhone and iPad iOS apps.

The Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access App hits the App Store on July 20th, and will pick out a few highlights from the reams of never-before-seen special features set to feature in the boxset. Community aspects will also feature, as well as the ability to buy the Blu-rays from within the app.

Making its debut at Comic-Con in San Diego this week, the geek event of the calendar year, the app will be just one of many fresh looks at the Blu-rays.

£500 may be a lot to spend on a Blu-ray player in this age of sub-£100 decks, but Onkyo's latest BD-SP809 high-def disc spinner is crammed full of so many high-end features that you'll be looking under the sofa for every penny you can find to nab it.

Using Qdeo visual processing technology from Marvell, the BD-SP809 promises to squeeze the very best out of even your aging DVD collection, with full 1080p upscaling, noise reduction and slick interlacing.

A universal player, the BD-SP809 plays nicely with all types of Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs, recognising DivX HD, Mp3 and WMA files saved to discs, USB drive on the rear, over a home network or using the DLNA 1.5 standard.

Audio is equally well served, with both DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD lossless audio formats supported, as well as separate video and audio circuitry being employed to reduce digital noise issues.

Two HDMI ports for quick source changing round off an impressive package.

Keep an eye out for the BD-SP809, heading your way for the princely sum of £499.99.

sony-BDP-S780.jpegHome cinema fans are in for treat today, as Sony have announced the launch of not one, but three new pieces of kit to turn your living room into a multiplex.

First up is the Skype-enabled BDP-S780 Blu-ray player. Compatible with any webcam, you can plug one into the player and have fullscreen video chats with your pals from in the living room. The Blu-ray player is also fully 3D compatible, converting 2D content to 3D, while built in BRAVIA Internet services give access to YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm and more. There will also be a smartphone app to let you control the device from your mobile.

The new player is flanked by two new 2.1 speaker systems, the BDV-EF200 and BDV-L600. Each comes with S-Force PRO 3D virtual surround sound, IP Noise Reduction technology and two HDMI ports. They too come with BRAVIA Internet access, as well as an iPod/iPhone dock for playing back music and videos, all again able to be controlled by a smartphone app. The differentiator between the two is positioning options, with the BDV-L600 able to be placed in variety of horizontal, vertical or wall-mounted positions.

No news on pricing or availabilty yet, but we'll keep you posted.

lovers-guide.jpgGet the tissues ready; the Lover's Guide is making a return to TV screens twenty years after the original's release. You're getting a bit more bang for your buck this time around though, as The Lover's Guide 3D - Igniting Desire: How To Have The Best Sex of Your Life, as the name suggests, will now be in full stereoscopic 3D on Blu-ray. Phwooooooar...

All the action will be coming straight out of your TV and into your living room, offering a "never-before-seen sense of intimacy and massively richer viewpoint". The voices of Gemma Bissix (Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Dancing on Ice) and Jeremy Edwards (Hollyoaks, Holby City) talk us through the, erm, moves in what we can only guess is painstaking detail.

It's only has a 65 minute running time though. We were hoping it would be a bit longer. Oh, the list of these jokes is nearly endless.

It's out on February 7th priced £15.99 on DVD and £24.99 for the 3D Blu-ray delights. Just in time for Valentine's Day then, though you might want to run this one past your loved one first before purchasing; it's not quite the same as getting a box of Quality Streets, is it?

samsung-lovefilm.JPGSamsung's Internet@TV service in Blu-ray players will get a substantial update today by introducing the LOVEFiLM streaming app. A £5.99 a month subscription to the service will give owners access to thousands of movies to be pumped directly into their players.

Already available in select Sammy TVs and BD decks, the service will now hit all Samsung web-connected Blu-ray systems.

"Adding the LOVEFiLM streaming service to all Samsung Blu-ray players and Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems is great news for us at Samsung as we're dedicated to providing our customers with relevant and exciting content, all from the comfort of their own home," Andy Griffiths, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung UK.

"The Internet@TV service offers viewers a gateway to access great content in an exciting new way, unlocking the full potential of our connected devices. Services like LOVEFiLM will offer our customers more variety, choice and entertainment from our innovative products."

Samsung promise more new apps will be coming to their web-connected systems over the course of 2011, following the success of their Application Developer Day, which saw the company encourage developers to populate their Internet@TV platform.

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