Check out this cool diagram of Samsung's Galaxy range

James O'Malley Android Leave a Comment

Can’t decide which device from the Samsung Galaxy range to get? You could be forgiven, as there’s an awful lot of different choices – as this diagram demonstrates.


(Click for bigger!)

The chart has been put together by designer Luke Wroblewski and shows just how fragmented the line-up has become. And this doesn’t even account for the new S5. You can get the phone/phablet/tablet for you anywhere between 3.27″ and 10.1″. If you want a 9″ tablet though… you might be out of luck!

Compare this to Apple’s product line-up – where you’ve pretty much got a choice of four different sizes, maximum (iPhone 1-4S, 5-5S, iPad and iPad Mini).

What do you think of this? Does this suggest Samsung is getting too fragmented? Is it a good thing that Android can work in so many different sizes? Let us know in the comments.

By James O'Malley | April 16th, 2014