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10 of the best free to play PC games: League of Legends, Path of Exile and more!

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Lately, everything is free to play; most people reading this have probably played plenty of free to play games, but the problem with the genre is that they're not only free to play, but they're often also pay to win and pay to enjoy. There are some free to play games that restrict features so much that the games are near unplayable without paying.

But fear not, penny-pinching gamers! Tech Digest is here to show you some of the best free to play games out there, those offering the best bang for relatively-little buck. Click below to get started.

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  • Alex

    Funny to see some people complain about the free to play concept. There is a lot of investment involved in making a game. And it has to be paid somehow.

    Personally I play Leauge of Legends a lot, they dont have the 'pay to win' system. Even cheap skates who want everything free in life can enjoy the game without ever having to spend money on it. And such games are supported by people (like me I guess) who occaisonally buy nice skins and such, for extra enjoyment and to support the great game with their regular updates.

  • blobjim

    These are still mostly all pay-to-win.

  • Jamie Wood

    Whoever wrote the SWTOR bit obviously hasn't played it yet. The game is clearly set in a time period where the Empire and the REPUBLIC were at war * , not "Rebels". -.-

    *Well, it's a shaky peace treaty but they might as well be.

  • Palidrom

    Imo great game that is in beta at the moment is Starbound:
    Also to check new content you can visit:

  • Xavi Outeiral

    And where is Hawken? Is still on beta...but I started playing two days ago and I feel it is amazing, it have many similarities with League of Legends system with points you earn at ending games that you can spent buying stuff, a party system and user-friendly interface, despiste is a mech game...still long way to go, but i think it has a very good future incoming! Wait and see :D

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