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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Top 10 PC Games of 2012

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xmas-pc-master-race.jpgIt's been another fantastic year for PC gamers. With the current generation of consoles in their twilight years, the PC gaming sphere was the place to be if you wanted to play games looking their very best on top-tier up-to-date hardware.

Though sequels proved as strong as ever, the indie gaming scene on PC continues to make waves, while both the MMO and FPS genres had a handful of standout titles really pushing their respective gaming categories forward.

Cutting this list down to just ten was no mean feat, and we've had to leave out many great PC games. A few notable titles that we also enjoyed were Torchlight 2, Max Payne 3, Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning, PlanetSide 2, Dear Esther, The Walking Dead, the Black Mesa Half-Life mod and War of the Roses. They didn't make our top PC games of the year list, but are all worth a shout.

Scroll down to find out what did! In no particular order, here are Tech Digest's top 10 PC games of 2012!

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  • Comrade da

    They spread over 10 pages so they get more revenue. Fagots

  • ken

    Pretty good list

  • GeneConnor

    I'm not going to page through 10 pages to see the list. Put it on one page, or I won't look at it.

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