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JooJoo tablet creator slams the iPad

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JooJoo uk.jpgChandra Rathakrishna, creator of the iPad-rivalling JooJoo tablet, has laid into the new Apple tablet product on the day of its UK launch.

Rathakrishna highlighted the lack of Flash support in the iPad, something which is present in the JooJoo but caused controversy in it's absence from the Apple product.

"JooJoo delivers the entire Internet - including Flash-based websites," said the JooJoo boss. "That means you can play full versions of games, watch full-screen HD video and not have to be constrained within the 'walled garden' of the iPad environment."

Rathakrishna was also dismissive of the buzz generated by the iPad's high-profile launch in London this morning. "Every Apple product launch is great theatre," he said, before admitting that "the attention they've brought to the tablet market is great."

However Rathakrishna was less impressed with the prospect of iPad apps. "We don't see the need for an app store. An app store sells stripped down versions of actual websites."

Is the iPad just "another storage device with web capabilities" as Rathakrishna puts it? Or will the pretty convincing turn out at Apple's flagship London store today prove it's more than just a load of hype?

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