BT to use ATMs as Wi-Fi hotspots

Paul Lamkin Wi-Fi 4 Comments

Untitled.jpgCash machine company Cashbox, the company behind many of the fee-charging ATMs found in pubs and shops, has signed a deal with BT to turn some of their cash-points into Wi-Fi hotspots on the Openzone network.

The deal is good news for BT Broadband customers as well as iPhone users on O2 who receive free connection to the Openzone network. For other customers who want to connect to Openzone, the cost is a wallet-worrying £5.88 for 90 minutes or £9.79 for a full day.

Cashbox has 2,500 cash-points in the UK. The plan is to introduce the Wi-Fi capabilities amongst them gradually, starting with just 10. Ciaran Morton, CEO of Cashbox says: “It’s really just the start of our rollout. We will look at extending coverage over the coming months.”

(via PC Pro)

By Paul Lamkin | June 22nd, 2009

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