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The μTRON Keyboard - a terrifying new form of Japanese brain torture

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As if typing isn't a difficult and tiresome enough chore that only exists because voice and brain recognition technology is STILL rubbish, here's something to make it harder. The μTRON Keyboard. A keyboard that's been chopped up and rearranged. An invention that could halve office productivity over night.


The μTRON Keyboard comes in two pieces, with the space bar relegated to a tiny rectangle that sits below your left thumb. Tab and Enter are in the middle. It's no doubt been designed based on some sort of study that says it should actually be easier to use in the long term, but it'll take you at least 18 months of constantly muttering swear words under your breath and deleting things before you can type a single sentence properly.

If you want to attempt to rewire your poor, put-upon brain for no reason whatsoever, feel free. It's out in Japan for around £250. Yes, £250.

(Via Akihabara)

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  • ComplainingAbputTheBadArticle

    What a terrible article. You clearly have no idea about keyboards so don't write articles about them. Your poor brain might not be able to handle the conversion to an alternate and split layout. However, many keyboard enthusiasts are able to adapt to different software and physical layouts.

  • Anonymous

    Gary Buttfuck, why the hell do you spam the internets with this stupid shit?

    If you know nothing about keyboards, just shut the fuck up.

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