Google wants to bring Street View maps to UK, raises privacy concerns

Andy Merrett Internet, Web 2.0 3 Comments

google_street_view.jpgGoogle would like to bring Street View maps to the UK, according to an enthusiastic spokesperson at the company, but their keenness has been overshadowed by privacy concerns.

The service, which is already live in a number of US cities, has been criticised because it sometimes showed identifiable people in compromising situations. Google has said that it will check very carefully the laws and cultural norms of the UK before introducing the service, and employ face blurring and removal of sensitive images before putting them online.

“Our users have been asking for the service ever since we launched in the US and we’re very excited about bringing it to Europe,” said Google’s rep.

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By Andy Merrett | July 4th, 2008

  • Mapper99

    I can’t wait to see the UK via Street View. Now that France is online, you can sure see some privacy issues as the streets are so narrow you can see right into French bedrooms:

  • Mitchell Edwards

    I can imagine it now, someones wife saying to their husband, “Why is your Car outside Susanne’s house?”

    Let’s see how he gets out of that one haha.

  • Daniel Sung

    Dead on Mitch, there were some poor guys in the States who were caught by the cameras walking out of brothels. Explain that one to your friends and family.