Limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 watch – approved by Hideo Kojima

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metal-gear-solid-watch.jpgThis isn’t my favourite watch of the day but if you’re after something Solid Snake would wear then look no further than you’re very own MGS4 limited edition, brushed steel watch.

Konami will release 500 of these for sale in the UK, on 31st October, at the very reasonable price of £99.99 and for your cash you get an MGS4 logo emblazened on your timepiece along with your individual number between one and 500 to prove that yours is a genuine piece of gaming apparel art.

Apparently, there’s currently a bit of a mistake and you can actually pre-order your watch now. So, act quickly if you want to beat the autumn rush. Huh? It’s just a watch.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Watch (via Kotaku)

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By Daniel Sung | June 19th, 2008

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