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40% of Europeans don't use the internet at all

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40-percent-eurpe-no-web-access.jpgGood god, what do they do instead?

The gap between the likes of us (in the UK, online for 16 hours a day, every day, to the detriment of our health and sanity) and them (in Bulgaria, haven't even got the internet) is vast, so vast that a whopping 40% of people in the EU simply don't use the internet at all.

Only 19% of homes in Bulgaria have web access, compared to a high of 83% in the Netherlands. The Bulgarians must watch a lot of TV. Or play outside. Perhaps some of them are massive alcoholics? Frankly, the inner workings of Bulgaria are a mystery to us, so all we can do is wildly generalise in a borderline racist fashion.

They're not idly browsing Facebook for attractive ex-workmates for four hours at a time in Bulgaria, that's for sure.

(Via The Inquirer)

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  • sad and lonely

    jen, you are a genius. your comments

    are insightful and v. interesting.

    thank you.

    p.s. what are you wearing?

    can i sniff your pants?

  • Ric

    Jen, you're obviously an idiot.

    Love you, bye x

  • Jen, your comment was both informative and insightful, apart from all of it. Well done!

  • Jen

    It's not racist, it's just ignorant. I don't particularly know the situation of Bulgaria, but Romania has a pretty low internat usage rate too and I know about that. A couple of reasons: large rural population; lots of people with low income; broadband is expensive compared to wages and not available in that many places; a totally different culture and history compared to Western Europe.

    And yeah, they probably watch TV a lot, since the internet doesn't come free and sometimes (many times) you have to choose your priorities: food and clothes for your kids or more entertainment?

    I'm sure this entry was meant to be funny, but it's not really. Eastern Europe is not as bad as the news tend to show it, but it's not economically evolved as Western Europe and there's no use in ignoring that. It should be acknowledged, not made fun of.

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