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Hubless Harley Davidson will cost you $150,000

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Don't motorbikes need hubcaps? I always thought it was an important part of the equation. Seemingly not though: someone's put together a hubless Harley, although it took two years of research and development to do it.

The bike can reach speeds of 100mph, weighs around 700 pounds, and uses a 1969 Harley Davidson Pan Shovel 80ci engine. This means nothing to me, obviously, but it sounds very impressive.

It's the work of New Jersey firm Howards Killer Customs, and it cost a whopping $150,000 to make. Hopefully there some Hell's Angels out there rich enough to afford it, otherwise some businessman will buy it as part of their midlife crisis, and it'll end up gathering dust in a garage when they realise they're not the Easy Rider they thought they were.

(via Born Rich)

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