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Debreu Scent Drive - USB storage with a fresh fragrance


Do you find the smell of your desk/home office gets a bit ripe after all your gaming/blogging/downloading/internet ranting? Well, the product for you is now available - the Debreu Scent Drive.

Yes, the name says it all. The Scent Drive is a USB drive, with capacities ranging from 128MB to 1GB, all with USB 2.0 connectivity. What makes this drive different (apart from the strange metal alloy casing) is the scented top, which allows the smell of "fragrance oils" to waft around your desk.

Each drive is guaranteed for 10 years and the scent is refillable. No news on price just yet, but I imagine a cheap drive and a plug-in air freshener could work out just as cheap.

Product page

Via Engadget

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