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Sony Mylo - the Skype and Wi-Fi communicator

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Sony_mylo_2 Sony aims to take advantage of the increasing Wi-Fi world with the introduction of Mylo - a handheld device that offers  wireless networking, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 2.4-inch, 320 x 240 colour display and "straight from the box" GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger and Skype.

The gadget measures 12.3 x 6.3 x 2.4cm and weighs 150g. As well as communicating, Mylo also plays music in WMA, WMA DRM, ATRAC 3 and MP3 format, video via MPEG 4 movies and games, with content stored within Mylo's 1GB of on-board Flash memory or on Memory Stick Pro Duo cards. Web browsing is via Opera, with no specific email client. The rechargeable battery promises up to 45 hours' music playback time. This drops considerably depending on your use of the device - in reality, it's nearer seven hours for web browsing and 3.5 hours if you're running Skype.

A microphone/earphones set comes bundled with the device, which will cost around $350 in the US. Additional running costs will just be the cost of your Wi-Fi connection. As yet there's no comfirmation of a UK price or release date.

Sony website

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Via The Register

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  • soahil

    can some one help me with this sony mylo...i just can not get it to work on wifi...from my home pc..i have been trying for 3days now????


    e-mail me on

  • Getting released on the 15th Sep 06 for $285 (~£135). PSP with a keyboard. Discuss:

  • that is one nice piece of work! eh.. what is the nokia 770?

    is that nicer?

    don't care.. this one looks really nice!

    too bad it has no phone features! >.

  • kc

    It's like a lesser Nokia 770?

  • kc

    It's like a lesser Nokia 770?

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