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More details on the Xbox 360 camera

Xbox_live_vision_cam More details have emerged about the Xbox Live Vision Camera at Microsoft’s Gamefest taking place in Seattle this week. The Live Vision camera for the Xbox 360 is going to allow for live video chat across Xbox Live and will be the basis of several new ‘gesture-based’ games for the 360. It has been announced that TotemBall is going to ship with the camera when it is released, probably in September.

To those who have never tried out the PlayStation 2’s EyeToy, the Xbox Live Vision Camera works in a pretty similar way by recognising your movements and translating them into onscreen actions. Generally, this often dissolves into frantic arm flapping after about five minutes, much to the peril of your living room furniture.

The Live Vision camera will also be compatible with some Xbox Live arcade games including World Series Poker, which is set to allow video chat during play. Details of its other uses in Xbox Live, such as with your GamerTag, remain pretty thin on the ground and my guess is that Microsoft is still tackling the issue of how to make sure your pics remain suitable for younger players.

via Gamasutra

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