England World Cup Bottle Babe

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Bottlebabe Well, we’re not even into April, but a marker is already set for the worst piece of World Cup tat memorabilia – the England Bottle Babe.

I’m not sure what’s worst – the way it looks of the lack of any real point to it. It’s a holder for your beer, however, unlike similar products, it doesn’t even keep your beer cool. Instead, the manufacturers have added something far more patriotic – it plays the National Anthem at the touch of a button. One can only wonder about the sound quality.

There’s no denying the Bottle babe will raise a laugh when your mates come round for England’s opening match. Although you’ll not be quite sure whether they’re laughing at your novelty bottle or you for buying it.

It’s available now for around £8.

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By Dave Walker | March 31st, 2006

  • http://www.room515.co.uk/blog.html Andy

    Total waste of cash…

    also more time between getting beer and drinking beer when you put it on??