Zappin – the mini Sony Walkman


Sony has announced a range of mini USB-based MP3 players that should more than rival the iPod shuffle in the gym bunny market.

The Zappin name comes from its functionality which allows users to listen to a five second clip of a song before deciding whether or not to play it. Handy if you’re working on your guns and you need to find the exact tune to pump you up and you’re unable to move your head to look at the LCD screen.

The players have 2GB of storage, can play WMA as well as MP3 and also have a built in FM radio. The battery life is an astonishing 18 hours from a single charge and the Zappin’s only weigh 26g. Drag and drop is supported so no need to install any software.

No price has been confirmed by Sony. Sorry about that.

(via Akihabara)