Xbox Music browser version launched

Xbox Music is now available as a browser based player, with Microsoft's streaming music streaming service continuing to spread its wings beyond the company's existing apps for Windows Phone, Windows, and the Xbox 360 games console. The Xbox Music web…

Xbox Music gets official: Windows 8 launch app is Spotify rival

Microsoft have officially revealed details on Xbox Music, their digital tune streaming Spotify rival. Hitting Xbox 360 consoles tomorrow and landing as a launch app with Windows 8 on 26 October, the service makes 30 million songs available for streaming….

Xbox Music to offer free song streaming, launching this month?

Hot on the heels of rumours surrounding a planned BBC music streaming service, whispers are now circulating that Microsoft's own Xbox Music streaming platform could be landing this month, on 26 October to be exact. Following the business model set…

Xbox Music: More details of Microsoft's Spotify rival emerge

New details have emerged on the Xbox Music service, the digital streaming app set to rival Spotify on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. Briefly detailed at Microsoft's E3 conference, it has now emerged that the service will launch later this year…

Microsoft to launch free music streaming service in July


Yesterday was a big day for Microsoft. Office 2010 went into trials, they announced a suite of free cloud based applications to rival Google Docs, Zoho et al and the sneaky one that no one was expecting was the launch of a music streaming service to take on Spotify too. I’m surprised they didn’t launch their own social networks to go after Twitter and Facebook.

It’s not clear, as yet, as to how large the catalogue will be or quite how many ads, if any at all, we’ll have to put up with. What has been indicated in an interview with the Telegraph is that you’ll also be able to pay to download the tracks, much like 7Digital do for Spotify, and that the service will link in with the Xbox 360.

They’ll be more details within days, no doubt, as the service is set to launch by the end of the month. Now, why do I have a nagging feeling that Microsoft are going to throttle the whole operation somehow and actually make it rubbish?