Steve Jobs "I'm an arrogant **** but I'm not sick"


Following Apple’s incredible share price drop caused by recent Steve Jobs health scares, it seems Apple is trying to reassure people that Steve’s A-OK and full of beans, vigour and, we might even suggest, spunk.

Originally, Apple put Steve’s visible weight loss down to a “common bug” – but the truth is, slowly, beginning to out. Thanks to Steve phoning a journalist and giving him the full facts.

“This is Steve Jobs. You think I’m an arrogant…

Apple reveals 'Steve Jobs Air'

The new streamlined Steve Jobs Air comes in the smart casual denin jeans and sleek dark top we’ve come to know and love, but now – thanks to a rigorous low-carb diet – Apple’s new Steve Jobs Air weighs in around 15 pounds lighter!

Pictured below – the original bulky Steve Jobs 1.0 (left) and the slimmer Steve Jobs Air:


Sadly, this means the new Steve Jobs Air is incompatible with previous Steve Jobs version 1.0 accessories…