One-eyed artist plans Borg-like installation of webcam into her spare eye socket


San Francisco-based artist Tanya Vlach lost an eye in a car accident in 2006 – now she’s planning to replace her standard-issue fake eye with a webcam. Preferably wireless – and with a 3x zoom. And infra-red support so she can see what she does in the dark.

Here’s what Tanya asked for in an advert she placed for a suitable technician for the job…

Google showcases new experimental search views: map, timeline, info

google_experimental_labs.pngGoogle has announced a trio of new views for search results, currently in an experimental stage. They provide some useful alternatives to the bog standard “ten results per page” text links many Google users are most familiar with.

Combining Google Search with Google Maps unsurprisingly gives rise to the Map view, which will plot the key locations contained within a batch of search results on a map.

Great for a school project — a slapdash one at least — is the Timeline view, though this potentially needs to be taken as carefully as one would, or should, treat Wikipedia. It lists search results as usual, but plots a timeline graph along the top of the page, showing when things happened (according to the search results). Looks good for an overview of a person, a historical event, or a concept, which can lead to further study.