Can't find a taxi? Get a Smart Car out of a vending machine instead

Photographed in Tokyo’s Shibuya Station is this awesome oddity – a vending machine for the virtually disposable little Smart Car. You may select a convertible or hard-topped model, depending on how flash you’re feeling.

Then you can drive off looking very silly indeed.


Obviously it’s not real. You won’t get a car out of it – just some promotional…

Korea/Japan Week: NTT DoCoMo shows off mobile payments with Grab-a-Mushroom game and Coke vending machine


I bloody love fairground grabber machines, I do. Even when they’re rigged so you’ve got zero hope of ever actually hoisting a soft toy out. And I like this one, which can be found at Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo’s showroom in Tokyo, even more.

Why? Partly because I won, and partly because it’s an example of NTT DoCoMo’s use of near-field communication to let you pay for stuff by pressing your mobile phone against a sensor, with not a coin in sight. Check the video over the jump to see how it works, and to see the same technology being used in, surprise surprise, a vending machine.