Leyio Personal Sharing Device – a pimped out, wireless, flash drive


The Leyio Personal Sharing Device, or PSD as they’re calling it, is an interesting proposition. At its heart, it’s just a 16GB flash drive, but it comes with added security and sharing functionality. It utilizes UWB (Ultra-wideband) radio technology, normally used in tracking and radar, to transfer data between itself and other Leyio PSDs.

UWB operates at low energy levels, so it’s less subject to interference, but it’s short range. It enables fast transfers though – Leyio claim a 3MB photo can be exchanged in 0.3 seconds. My A-level maths suggests that that’s a 10MB/s transfer rate. Not too shabby.

Ultra-Wideband technology given UK go-ahead by Ofcom

uwb-logo.jpgUltra Wideband (UWB) technology, which allows devices to communicate wirelessly at high speed over relatively short distances, has been given the go-ahead by Ofcom to be used unlicensed in the UK.

Normally, equipment which uses a part of the radio spectrum requires a license from Ofcom in order that any interference between different users can be managed. However, UWB technology has a low power output and shouldn’t interfere with other signals.