Updated: How much would you pay for an iPhone 3GS?


The iPhone 3GS is a great phone. Even the most hardened of anti-Applers would have to admit it. The latest upgrade may not have been the most dramatic of changes but it’s filled all the gaps that prevented previous incarnations from being a perfect phone.

Now, we all know they’re expensive. Personally, I baulk at the idea of paying for any handset if I’m signing up for an 18-month contract but shelling out for an iPhone seems to be a fact of life. So, if a PAYG 8GB iPhone 3G costs you £342.50, a 16GB 3GS is £440.40 and the 32GB version works out as £538.30; how much do you think it would cost to purchase an official un-hacked, unlocked 32GB iPhone 3GS that’s good to go on any network?

Get a figure in your head. Got it? Ok, now hit the “continue reading” button.

Well, if you said £899.99 then give yourself a big pat on the back. Then think about just how excessive that extra £360 is. That’s £360 for a slight software tweak. On the plus side, it does include delivery.

Thanks to Leon for that spot.

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