DreamSpark: Microsoft offers registered students free developer software

microsoft.pngMicrosoft has made a seemingly smart move by giving away bundles of developer software for free to registered students in 11 countries.

The DreamSpark programme goes live today in the UK, Belgium, China, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and the United States, and offers software including Visual Studio, Expression Studio, Windows Server, and XNA Game Studio 2.0.

Sony AIBO-like robot, the New4LR, is open-source and speccy

Yet another robot for you, this time in the shape of a wee lil puppy. Watch women all around you swoon at the sight of it. Coochie-coochie-coo! Coochie-coochie-coo!

As your robot-savvy eyes can tell, it’s slightly Sony Aibo-like in its appearance, but has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. The German University working on the robot has developed open-source software for the product, ‘New4LR’, powered by two AMD Geode 500Mhz processors…

Opinion: why I think Bluetooth Facebook is a grand (if stalker-ish) idea

katpicture6.jpg Katherine Hannaford writes…

I take back every mean-spirited thing I’ve ever said about students. Yes, even on those nights out in Kingston, Hammersmith, or Clapham, when they’ve filled the gutters, emptying their stomaches of all the Snakebites they can hold, when I’ve resembled a middle-class snob, shaking my head as I pass them soberly (well, vomitless, anyway), muttering under my breath ‘damn students’.

Why am I suddenly revoking my student-hating membership card? Why, because the clever little sods have developed possibly the world’s best Facebook application. Yes, even better than the Karl Pilkington quotes app. We’re talking Bluetooth Facebook. Read on, social-networking fiends…

UCAS provides A-level advice on virtual island in Second Life

secondlife.jpgOne of the latest organisations to create a presence for itself on Second Life is UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.

Having created their own virtual island, they’ll be offering free advice from professional advisers about the clearing and application processes.

It’s supposed to be a pressure-free environment where those who’ve just got their A-level results can find out what happens next. The island features a series of bio-domes, each containing useful information.

Student's 'Intimate Controllers' thesis involves playing Pong with your boobs

For those that think gaming involves sitting alone on a couch, twiddling your thumbs, think again.

Recently a New York University student, Jennifer Chowdhury, created her thesis ‘Intimate Controllers’ on the subject of intimate controlling devices, where she invented a form of playing Pong with her boobs whilst her partner played with his bottom. Gaming beginning to sound fun, yet?

According to Wired, she embedded a set of sensors in her bra which controlled the actions of the game, so when her partner touched her left boob, the Pong paddle moved to the left, and the right boob would control the right paddle etc…