launches free on-demand music platform in UK has today announced that it is the first website to offer free, global, on-demand access to the largest licensed catalogue of music from Universal Music Group, Sony/BMG, Warner and EMI, plus CD Baby, IODA, the Orchard, Naxos and more than 150,000 independent labels and artists.

The service is ad supported, which means that they can implement the second part of their master plan: paying unsigned artists each time one of their tracks is played on the service.

Universal Music Group takes on iTunes with Total Music subscription service

fighting-grandads.jpgThe Universal Music Group has been making it known for some time that they’re deeply unhappy with Apple’s iTunes service, with UMG’s Doug Morris and Apple’s Steve Jobs fighting with handbags more often than not.

Morris recently refused to sign up for another contract with Apple allowing their record label’s music on iTunes, due to their strict contract terms which apparently limit the company’s marketing and the fact that Apple takes 29 cents of every 99 cents paid per song owned by UMG. Instead of pulling out of Apple…