Purelight XD Magic Wand offers fast, safe, sterilisation of surfaces


A “light wand” that uses ultraviolet radiation in the UV-C band to sterilize surfaces has been made available by Purelight UK. The wand should be able to knock out 99.9% of bacteria, including the rather nasty MRSA and C.difficile bacteria.

UV-C is higher-energy than the UV-A and UV-B wavebands, and it cleanses viruses and bacteria by breaking down the DNA of the microbes. After exposure of no more than 20 seconds, only 1 in 1000 bacteria remain.

There’s three versions of the wand available – the XD, which is rechargable and costs £120, the MD which is more compact and costs just £35, and the more hardcore, industrial “ClearCare” system, which costs £500 and up. None of those prices include VAT.

Purelight UK