Logitech releases Ultimate Ears 4 Pro headphones

UE4 Custom.JPG

We’ve looked at some of Logitech’s impressive Ultimate Ear range a few times before on TechDigest and we’ve liked what we’ve seen.

If Logitech’s previous is anything to go by, the Ultimate Ears 4 Pro custom monitors should appeal to any aspiring rock stars or even some less aspiring audiophiles.

Let’s start with the price, which should give you some impression of what we’re dealing with here. £429.99, plus an extra £45 for an optional ambient noise feature.

So what do you get for nearly £500?

For starters, these aren’t your usual monitors. Each one is personally shaped to exactly fit the user’s ear. However, this requires an additional cost of visiting a qualified audiologist to create your ear impressions.

They come with “dual-armature, a patented dual-bore design with passive crossover which delivers reference-quality, evenly balanced frequency response for more detail, accuracy and versatility”. If you know what this means, you really should own these headphones.

The product is essentially aimed at performers. Logitech claim that 75% of the world’s top touring artists use Ultimate Ear products. They go onto state Leona Lewis is one of these artists, thus devaluing their statement somewhat. However, the fact remains that Ultimate Ear are the choice for the pros.

They also claim that the Ultimate Ears 4 Pro custom monitors will “fit better than even your favourite pair of jeans”. For nearly £500 I should hope so. My favourite jeans haven’t fitted me in months.

Grab yourself a pair direct from Ultimate Ears or via hand held audio.