Win a TVonics DVR-FP250 Freeview PVR with Tech Digest

tvonics56.jpg Fancy recording that night’s episode of Eastenders, but you won’t get home from work in time? We have just the answer to your quandry, as we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the latest news surrounding the Stacey/Bradley/Max love-triangle now, would we?

Simply send me an email with your postal address (you must be living within Britain, sorry), and tell me what the first TV show you’d record using your new TVonics DVR-FP250 Freeview PVR would be. All entrants will be signed up to our mailing list, so if you’re not comfortable with receiving the odd email from Tech Digest, then please say so when emailing me…

TVonics launch low-power DVR-FP250 Freeview PVR

tvonics_dvr_250_freeview_pvr.jpgLast year we reported on the (slightly more) eco-friendly TVonics DVR-150 PVR, and now the company has upgraded the specifications and released their DVR-FP250 Freeview PVR.

There’s a bigger hard drive — up to 250GB from 150GB — plus all the usual functionality of both Freeview, and a PVR, bundled in one box. It comes with two Freeview tuners.

The main selling point, then, is not so much the functionality which you’d find on any self-respecting PVR, but the fact that it’s using significantly less power to achieve the same results.