Can you really turn your iPod touch into an iPhone with Truphone?


Truphone, ever keen to promote its free and low-cost phone services, is appealing to those who want the Apple goodness of an iPhone but don’t want to pay large upfront bills or sign up to an extortionate monthly contract.

The “solution” is to buy an iPod touch, which is considerably cheaper than an iPhone (but still more expensive than a lot of mobile phones of course) and use Truphone’s application to make free calls over Wi-Fi to other Truphone or Google Talk users.

There are three fundamental problems with this if you’re hoping for an always on, out-of-the-box solution (don’t you love those kind of phrases?)…

iPhone gets VoIP courtesy of Truphone

Consider the cat well and truly among the pigeons. VoIP firm Truphone has been showing its service working on Apple's iPhone – a development which could have serious implications for Apple's mobile operator partners.

The demonstration's taking place at the DEMOfall 07 event, and it's just a demo – Truphone isn't launching a commercial VoIP service for iPhone. Not yet. Watch Truphone's official video showing the demo below.