Storm in a twos up as RIM plans next-gen touchscreen handset

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Hands up if you use a BlackBerry Storm? Yeah, I don’t see too many of you out there. I, personally, have no professional opinion on RIM’s version of an iPhone killer but a certain @Stephenfry and others ensured the handset didn’t have too hot a reception when it hit the shelves at the end of last year.

The Storm may not have been deemed an absolute failure but it’s certainly been no success. Meet anyone from RIM and I’ll wager it’s a Bold they have in their pocket.

So, that said, it should be of little surprise that BB are having another crack slaying the iPhone 3G dragon, or at least coming up with a consumer friendly touchscreen handset that everybody loves. No word on specs, dates or anything even slightly useful but we do know it’ll be a Storm of some type and hopefully one a bit higher on the Fujita scale.