Tokyo Flash Kisai Denshoku – still purely ornamental


Let’s be honest about Tokyo Flash watches. They’re a conspiracy by Japanese people to undermine Western culture by making sure that nobody knows what the time is – ever. The Kisai Denshoku, here, and its buddies are designed to look irresistibly appealing but completely useless as chronographs.

There’s some nonsense about the number of bars representing hours – most likely hours until the West’s self-destruction through enforced disorganisation – but I don’t buy it for a minute, or second or whatever units they want to represent. The clever part is we get to pay them for the privilege. £163.70 and you too can speed the revolution. Fool.

Tokyo Flash

Tokyo Flash dazzles us yet again with the Scramble and Progression watches


Being a fan of Tokyo Flash’s awesome otaku cred, I couldn’t resist showing you these two new designs from the Japanese wrist-lovers’ new series for Summer, Nekura.

Scramble, the left design, lets you choose the LED colour you prefer, with blue, green, cyan, red, pink or orange all on offer, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all the other shades, as it still rotates them occasionally. The twelve outside blocks indicate the hour, with the eleven inner blocks…

Tokyo Flash gives users a taste of Tokyo with the 'Kyokusen' watch

tokyo-flash-watch-kyokusen.jpgI don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t love Tokyo Flash watches, but then, I don’t think I know a single person who actually knows how to read the time on one of their famously-complicated watch faces.

The Japanese company has a new model out, ‘Kyokusen’, which has apparently been inspired by Tokyo, as shown through the digital tubes, curved lines and bright lights. ‘Kyokusen’ means ‘curved lines’ in Japanese, and…

Shiny Shiny's list of the top five most unreadable watches

tokyo67.gif Susi from Shiny Shiny is renowned in our office for having the world’s most ridiculous watch. Like Macs, it looks good, but it doesn’t really work very well, and in most cases, she just uses the time on her BlackBerry rather than spending 40 minutes studying her Tokyo Flash timepiece.

Inspired no doubt by the shouty ‘NOW’ watch released the other day, she’s put together the top five most unreadable watches stupidity can buy you. Better keep a hold of your mobile phone just in case, natch…