Things You Should Not Twitter


People often tweet stuff they regret but beware, because it could now be preserved for posterity on a website set up exactly for the purpose. contains screengrabs of Tweets that are a little bit on the iffy side, like people saying they’re going to cheat on their partners, or tweeting about watching porn.

Some examples include one user promising to masturbate on his roommate’s bed, a girl saying she’s going to ‘look for’ her boyfriend’s best friend, and plenty of people expressing how much they hate their boss.

The usernames are stripped out, but it’s pretty easy to track down the users responsible. The site’s creator says he made it to highlight how much personal info people share, and to try to get people to think twice about what they’re Tweeting.

Have you ever Tweeted something you’ve regretted? Send us a link at @techdigest. We won’t tell the whole world about it, promise…