Spammers using shortened URLs to spread their muck

Message Labs – part of internet security guru Symantec – is warning that shortened URLs are becoming an issue in terms of spam.

This graph shows how the inclusion of shortened URLs in spam email has increased from practically nothing a to almost 2% in just a few days:


Shortened URLs are perfect for spammers because not only do they mask dodgy sounding domain names that users would usually be wary of, they also help spam mail bypass anti-spam programmes. Services such as tinyurl are also free and require no registration.

Matt Sergeant from Message Labs, said: “The entire trust model of clicking on the URL is completely broken,” he said. He also said it was impossible to trust URLs on Twitter as many people retweet links, often without even clicking on them first themselves.

(via NYTimes)

TinySong – the musical equivalent of TinyURL, and dead useful, too


I’ve just been informed about TinySong, which has quickly been added to my bookmarks list for those occasions when you really need to hear a song but can’t be bothered downloading it/YouTubing it/waiting endlessly on for it to play.

It’s being marketed as the musical version of TinyURL, that site which shortens lengthy URLs, and is remarkably simple to use. Just type in the song you want to send your friend, and it will give you a TinySong URL for that particular track. There’s no need to download a program to play it, it streams the track flawlessly using Grooveshark Lite. I tested it with some of my favourite songs, which…