Niche of the Week: Trukz – a haulage-based MMO


There are some people who go mad over simulation games. It’s a bit like having a train set, but taken to the next level. Well, now you can ‘simulate’ driving thousands of miles across the American midwest, central Europe or the Australian outback in a text-based MMO called Trukz.

It’s got an amazing 16,368 players, who can haul different kinds of cargo through different places, join a company, monitor the weather and a wealth of statistics like fuel efficiency. There’s even accurately modeled driver fatigue and damage to the truck. It’s astonishingly detailed – but I’m sure that’s what its fans love the most about it.

If you fancy having a go, truck on over to the website, and register. There’s even a handy New Players Guide. Let us know your escapades in your cab in the comments below.

Trukz (via RPS)

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