O2 – party poopers for rouge tetherers


O2 has confirmed that they will ban any users who use alternative methods to tether data with their iPhones. The tethering issue has become quite a sore point in the iPhone community since it was announced last week that O2 would only be allowing users to tether who pay for an additional bolt-on to their contracts.

A German website was providing a link to a programme called Mobileconfigs which allows users to change the profile of their local carrier. This would mean that iPhone users could tether without having to go through the official channels – and therefore not pay any extra on their bill.

Although the link doesn’t seem to be active at present, there are always going to developers who will look at ways of bypassing the tethering bolt-on charge. It seems that the tethering argument is set to run and run. Oh goody.

(via ITProPortal)