CHEAP DEAL: 42" Full HD LCD TV at Tesco for under 500 quid


I’m not going to tell you this is the world’s best TV. It isn’t. It’s got a pretty modest contrast ratio of 1,300:1 and a lot of people will tell you that contrast is the most important feature of any panel. However, it’s very hard to complain when the 42″ Technika LCD42-910 only costs you 500 pounds.

It’s a stylishly slim 6cm deep, without the stand, which is probably where you’re getting the best value, but don’t ignore the fact that it’s got a very healthy 100Hz frame rate and a response time time of just 8ms, so you’re unlikely to suffer from ghosting, blurring and juddering picture problems.

It is a 1080p resolution picture, so provided you’re watching through an HD box or Blu-ray or such, you will be getting Full HD viewing. Technika doesn’t’ even stiff you round the back either with four HDMI sockets.

Tesco has reduced the set by 200 pounds and, so long as you can live with the compromised colour palate, then it could well be time to get your wallet out.

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