Sennheiser goes all old skool with the FM-only Tangent Duo


Yup – FM. No DAB in sight. This is the Tangent Duo clock radio, which features no digital display, no DAB, no card reader, and no iPod dock. Just a radio and a clock. Sennheiser are marketing this one as “For people who want a radio, not a tech-toy”.

I’ll staunchly defend tech-toys till the last man (or woman) falls, but gosh, this does look nice. I’ll admit that I don’t need an iPod dock, or OLED screen or anything first thing in the morning, but the analogue clock might confuse my poor sleep-addled mind. Still, given that one of the first things I do in the morning is grab my phone and read the news headlines, perhaps a dose of analogue upon waking would get me into gear just as well…

Tangent intros UNO portable mono FM radio


With the world seemingly in stereo and beyond, you might wonder at the introduction of a monaural portable radio, but if you think about it, stereo is fairly useless on a small unit, and far more important is quality of sound.

Enter Tangent’s appropriately-named UNO portable radio, offering FM and AM radio in a curved wooden cabinet with five watt amplifier and three-inch speaker…

Tangent launches colourful range of DAB radios


Tangent has announced the UK availability of its stylish and colourful range of digital radios, offering no-nonsense DAB in a small, solid wooden cabinet that I’d be very happy to have sitting in my house.

It’s not one for those who want lots of bells and whistles, so you won’t get timeshifted radio, memory card inputs, or the dreaded iPod connectivity. For listening to high quality digital radio, though, it does the job…