A 2-inch screen and 1.3-megapixel camera aren’t the kind of specs that send phones flying off the shelves but that’s not the game of the Nokia 7100 feature phone. The idea behind this little baby, as with all Supernova handsets, is that very marketable cross between beauty and cheapth and I can tell you that what the 7100 may lack in beauty it certainly makes up for in cheapth.

Here, Zara will tell you all about it…

The best deal I can find is for £64.99 and if you can’t afford that for a phone, you probably can’t afford to make any calls anyway.


Get your crayons out: Nokia Build comes to the UK


Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist, do you? Well, if you love the Nokia 7310 Supernova (find out if you might like it by taking a look at Dan’s video review) and would like to customise its colourfulness even more, then Nokia has a treat for you.

The Nokia Build service has arrived in the UK and allows users to use standard drawing and colouring tools, personal photos or graphics to create their own casing. Complementary wallpapers, games, and other personalised options are also available…