Opinion: Do you still care about the Nintendo Wii?

It was once the king of the gaming pile, so sought after that you'd have to give a kidney on the black market to get one in your home. But recent months have seen the Wii fall from grace, with profits down as much as half over the same period a year earlier. Has the bubble burst for the Nintendo Wii? If so, what has caused it? Here's Tech Digest's five reasons why the Wii's star is falling.

Shiny Video: interview with Charles Martinet, voice of Mario for Nintendo

Never have I been more jealous in this job before – Bulent, one of my colleagues who works on our Nintendo blog, WiiWii, today met with Charles Martinet, who provides the voice for Mario, in town for today’s launch of Super Mario Galaxy.

Take a look at the above video for his amazing impersonations, the hilarious story behind him winning the role of Mario, how…